Det visar sig att det som flera ledare i arabvärlden beskyllt USA för, nämligen för att ha influerat och påverkat förloppen i länder som Jemen , Bahrain och Egypten, är alldeles riktigt.

Man har via till synes oberoende organisationer hjälpt till med ”demokratiseringsprocessen” i de auktoritära regimerna i mellanöstern och Nordafrika.

”No one doubts that the Arab uprisings are home grown, rather than resulting from “foreign influence,” as alleged by some Middle Eastern leaders. We didn’t fund them to start protests, but we did help support their development of skills and networking, said Stephen McInerney, executive director of the Project on Middle East Democracy, a Washington-based advocacy and research group. That training did play a role in what ultimately happened, but it was their revolution. We didn’t start it.”

U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings

Tony Cartalucci analyserar;

”The New York Times goes on to explain that these organizations are in turn funded by the National Endowment for Democracy which receives 100 million USD from Congress while Freedom House receives most of its money from the US State Department. While the New York Times asserts ”no one doubts that the Arab uprisings are home grown,” leaders of groups now admittedly funded and trained by the US are anything but ”home grown.” The most prominent example is the April 6 Movement of Egypt led by Mohamed ElBaradei of the International Crisis Group. ElBaradei sitting along side George Soros, Kenneth Adelman, Wesley Clark, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, within a US foreign policy think-tank engenders a considerable amount of ”doubt.””